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Best Kiss Cam. 

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Good morning!

Good morning!

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Argument: freedom of speech to a free society

The question of whether freedom of speech is necessary in a free country has been debated over the course of world history. I would like to use my country to cite an example for this argument.

During the era of late President Ferdinand Marcos,martial law has been executed in the territory of the Philippine islands. The government’s power and autonomy was forcedly imposed over my countrymen. All the rights of the citizens was revoked including freedom of expression in media which later on prompted to the historical People Power Revolution in 1980’s.

Restricting freedom of speech could result to behavior of destructive nature because communication and broadcasting is important in all levels in a society. Not knowing what the people think and feel could be detrimental for a government which could lead to rebellion. Without the right to express, there will be chaos because there will be no resistance to injustice,crimes will be rampant, elections will have no meaning at all and laws will only be favorable to those in position.

On the other hand, it would be beneficial if the government will be handled by righteous leaders who can make laws, not to completely impede the right to free speech but only to the actions done in conjunction with that right such as treason, harassment or any number of action you can utilize speech to do.

In conclusion, there will always be an advantage and disadvantage to an argument but considering the weight of its benefits, I still believe that freedom of speech should be bestowed to every citizen of a free society in order to maintain justice, equality and harmony to humanity.


Sometimes its hard to just talk to people. They all have their own lives. Schedules…..distance. i wanted to scream for help but fear is devouring me. Fear that no one might be interested in listening to my boring cry for a piece of solicited advice. Where are you my dear friends when i need you most?


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